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Gift Buying and Holidays on a Budget

Buying gifts, decorations and holiday themed items can be very overwhelming for families living on a budget. We want to be able to give our children and family a great holiday but sometimes our wallets will not allow it.

Here are some ideas to help ease the stress of gift buying or holiday shopping.

  • Shop all year for gifts. When you are shopping in the store or online and you come across a great deal buy it. Put it away. You can buys gifts for the kids or little gifts that you can use for when the kids go to birthday parties. This way you always have something ready to go. Take a trip to the dollar store and buys a roll of wrapping paper and some gift bags, now you will always be prepared. I start Christmas shopping way before Christmas. I find a spot in the closet and put everything together. This way I do not have to spend all the money at once and I really do not feel it.

  • Use layaway. Not all stores still do layaway but if you find one that does, use it. There is usually no charge for layaway and you will be able to slowly pay off  your purchase. You can do this months in advance of what ever you need it for. It is a great option to get the gifts you want to buy and also a great way to buy the kids school clothes.

  • Clearance shop. Like shopping all year for gifts, go straight to the clearance sections when you go shopping. Sometimes you have a little searching to do but you can find great deals opting for the clearance section first. Just the other day I found shirts for .25 cents. Yes you read that correctly, .25 cents. You will not always find deals that good, but they are out there. The same goes for any department, not just clothing. Home goods, toys, beauty etc. Even drug stores have great clearance items. When you see non perishable items on clearance that you know you can always use, stock up or just get a few, it can save you a lot of money!

  • Shop for holiday themed items right after the holiday. This is a HUGE money saver. After a holiday everything goes on clearance. Some things are basically free a few weeks after a holiday. Stock up on these items then, and put them away for next year. You will be amazed how much money you can save this way. 

  • Don't get fooled by big "special" sales like Black Friday. Though  you can find some great deals with these events, a lot of the time the items are marked way up before they are marked down so if you are looking for something specific, do your research before these events to see how much the item normally sells for. Then make the purchase if it really is a steal. 

  • Use promo codes. Lots of store have promo codes you can use to help save money on your purchases. I wrote an article about finding promo codes using Honey. Honey will find the promo codes for  you so you do not have to go searching for them. Also find Facebook groups like mine who post promo codes and deals on great products. I focus on Amazon promo codes but there are other Facebook groups that focus on other products as well.
You can make the holidays a little less stressful on yourself if you follow some of these tips and tricks. I would love to hear your ideas for gift buying and holiday shopping. Let me know so I can share it!


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