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Halloween fun on a Budget


Inexpensive ideas for Halloween fun

When my daughter was young I was a single mom, I loved Halloween but there were a few years that I did not have the extra cash to get her a nice costume like the other kids. I would improvise and try to create things from things I already had at home. The Dollar Tree was a life saver. I remember one year buying butterfly wings and sowing them onto a shirt and painting her face pretty colors. Though it was not a perfect looking costume, she got to play pretend and she looked adorable. Another year I bought black face paint at the Dollar Tree and had a football jersey so she was a football player that year. 

I also used the Dollar Store for decorating. They have great do it yourself arts and crafts that you and the kids can make together and use to decorate the home. They have wood decorations that you can paint, coloring books, figurines, stickers and more. Not only can you decorate on a budget, you get to spend time as a family creating them and you can keep them for years to come.

Halloween at Amazon Outlet

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Free Printables

I created some fun Holiday print pages.  Get them here.  (Note in order to get a color background, use color paper) Tell me if you like them!


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